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“…a controlled exercise in chaos”

December 13, 2012

Photo by Chandler Mays/Atlanta Music Guide

Atlanta Music Guide was all over the Hijacking Music Fest, first with a preview, then a quick Q & A with us and others, and finally a review of each act with photos. They said some really nice things about the festival in general and each of the amazing acts that played. This is their review of us:

“This avant-garde rock band from Alabama presented to Hijacking a controlled exercise in chaos. Alien synth sounds played over distorted math rock compositions as the guitarists played complex melodies, entrancing the audience. Just when you could get a grip on what they were doing, a psychotic breakdown would occur. The drums and guitars furiously thrashed through freakout melodies within intricate time signatures, then they would switch gears when you least expected it. It was an amazing display of unpredictability. No single sequence would linger for long, constantly changing rhythms and song structures. I was very impressed with how the band had configured these lengthy elaborate songs and executed them with such dexterity. Hail the Titans blew peoples’ minds, and have become a welcome addition to Atlanta’s music scene.”

Be sure to read the reviews of the other bands, and also check out the festival review in Promising Chord.

We would also like to thank the GO! Play section of the Montgomery Advertiser for writing about our 100th show and our appearance at Hijacking Music Fest as well.

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