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Images / Art:

Promo photo: 4050 x 2024 (3.3 MB) Click here to download.
Courtesy of Pint Bottle Photography.

“fig.” album cover: 3000 x 3000 (10.6 MB) Click here to download.
Album cover art by Hillary Andrews, Ah Ha Designs.

Press Quotes:

“Already establishing themselves as one of the best in the instrumental game after their stellar LP Hymns Of Mare Nostrum, Hail The Titans’ two song EP solidifies that reputation with unpredictable, mysterious, ambient collisions of post- and prog-rock.”, July 2013

“The album offers really professional production values that highlight the tremendous drumming. Guitar segments suddenly skip sideways like a spooked kitten before baring claws and churning ahead at full speed.”
Midtown Montgomery Living, July 2013

“A past Advertiser review of ‘Nostrum’ described it as a ‘fantastic mix of music and noise.’ The newest EP follows the same style, with the band somehow finding a way to make music that is frantic and calming at the same time.”
Montgomery Advertiser, June 2013

“Hail the Titans, an instrumental rock band from Montgomery, AL, have always pushed the envelope, but they shove it hard on their newest EP Fig.”, June 2013

“…beautiful, tragic, mysterious, adaptable and applicable to the soundtrack of life….anyone’s life.”, June 2013

“Watching Hail The Titans live is tantamount to being witness to a battle between dinosaurs and zombies at the exact moment giant robots enter the fray. It’s that fucking amazing.”
Joshua Frost, InFocus FilmCast, June 2013

“This avant-garde rock band from Alabama presented to Hijacking [Music Festival] a controlled exercise in chaos. Hail the Titans blew peoples’ minds, and have become a welcome addition to Atlanta’s music scene.”
Atlanta Music Guide, December 2012

“I got to the [Hijacking Music] fest when Hail The Titans was playing and it was a great way to start my day. Loud and heavy, post rock exploded through the speakers.”
Promising Chord, December 2012

“Without a lead singer, listeners are forced to focus on the music itself, and the works to the advantage of Hail the Titans. The instrumentals are not only spot on, but different from the norm as well.”
Atlanta Music Guide, December 2012

“The progressive breakdowns are intense exercises in noise rock, blending haunted house music with video game melodies over insane shredding and drum beats that change time signatures like Carrie Bradshaw changes shoes… Hail the Titans provided an exhilarating live show, and I highly recommend them.”
Atlanta Music Guide, August 2012

“This instrumental quartet creates engaging, cinematic pieces with plenty of effects and sounds…”
We Are the Upstate, July 2012

“…metal machine noise Lou Reed in a Sonic Youth Blender rock…”
The Nashville Bridge, May 30, 2012

“Imaginative as hell, in your face, and a much needed reminder of how to breathe.”, Jan. 2012

“This is rock and roll – big, brawny, ambitious and loud – but delivered with an additional layer of intelligence and genre experimentation (you’ll hear jazz, prog rock, electronic and classical influences in here also) that make them larger than life. Like Titans, in fact.”
RSVP Magazine, Nov./Dec. 2011

“In contrast to the tide of beige currently drowning indie rock is this, the thrilling new debut album by Hail the Titans… Their sound exists firmly along the Mogwai/Explosions in the Sky/Slint/Mars Volta axis of brawny n’ spacey instrumental rock.”
InSite Magazine, Atlanta, Nov. 2011

“There is no filler on [‘Hymns of Mare Nostrum’]. ‘Hymns…’ is practically a psychedelic experience of its own, with all kinds of thematic and emotional ups and downs.”
Capital City Free Press, September 2011

“The band itself has a very unique style. Not sticking to either the previously mentioned ambiance, an intense And So I Watch You From Afar sound, or anything else in particular, it’s very hard to describe what they were going for, which I think it good, all in all.”
Is This Revolutionary? blog, September 2011

“Someone once told this correspondent, ‘A metal show should make you feel like you just got blown out a 17th-floor window of an exploding skyscraper. You bounced, and you lived, and you’re ready to kick some heads in.’ The good men of Demonaut, Order of the Owl, Mice in Cars and Hail the Titans must have gotten the same memo…”
Performer Magazine, show review, August 2011

“…the sounds come crashing together to create music that you don’t even realize is making its way through your ears and into your brain.”
Montgomery Advertiser, GoPlay Tumblr, August 2011

“…a fantastic mix of music and noise… It’s one thing to blur the lines between genres; it’s another to crank up the sound and blow them apart. Hail The Titans have put together a great album, full of fantastic sounds and unexpected directions. ‘Hymns of Mare Nostrum’ is worth a listen, many times over.”
Montgomery Advertiser, GoPlay, August 2011

“Technically proficient, yet still with a universally, easily accessible feel, the 8 tracks here are swimming in meticulous, creative and atmospheric post-rock with dynamic tempo changes. Easily in a league with today’s most noted instrumental acts…”, August 2011

“Watching Hail the Titans play is like Epic Meal Time for the ears.”
The Squeaky Lizard, venue, Ocean Springs, MS

“It’s heavy — sometimes ferociously so — but there’s also an impressive level of technicality to their songwriting, as well as a brooding atmospheric quality that helps temper all those fiery guitar runs and blazing tempo changes.”
Latest Disgrace, Atlanta music blog, July 2011

“Quite brilliant and very unique… The sound of Hail the Titans pretty much defies definition… Their music shows that lyrics are unnecessary to make music good.”
The Local Scene, blog, July 2011

“They play instrumental music that is intricate, passionate and wonderfully loud…”
RSVP Magazine, June/July 2011

“Hail the Titans knows how to get creative.”
Montgomery Advertiser, June 2011

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