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You are cordially invited to attend…

November 27, 2012

We are within a couple of weeks of two very exciting shows, and we would love to have as many of you in attendance as possible.

On Friday, Dec. 7, we will have our 100th show, and it happens to be a hometown show at Head on the Door. We are excited to share this night with some good friends of ours from Atlanta, R*Garcia.

The show starts at 10 p.m. No cover.

The next day, Dec. 8, we’ll be joining a fantastic lineup of amazing bands for the 2012 Hijacking Music Festival. It’s being held at 529 in East Atlanta Village. It begins at 3 p.m., and advance tickets start at $10 – that’s $1 per band, which includes Nigredo, Jungol, Psychedubasaurus REX, Swank Sinatra, The Sneaky Hand, Fine Peduncle, Hanzelle, Cusses and Tricil.

More info can be found at, including a media player to check out the bands.


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