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Photo by Ben Vigil Photographers, taken at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta, GA.

Channel your best Samuel L. Jackson voice and ask, “What does Hail the Titans sound like?” If you’ve learned anything from Pulp Fiction, you know that an answer of “What?” is not acceptable.

Early on, the band was described as “a vocal-less Mars Volta” and “a more aggressive Explosions in the Sky,” but these days, taking the various descriptions from album and show reviews, it might look more like a brainstorming session at a high-end PR firm.

“Avant-garde rock band,” “loud, heavy post rock,” “engaging,” “cinematic,” “imaginative,” “big, brawny, ambitious and loud,” “thrilling,” “unique,” “exhilarating,” and one show review by Atlanta Music Guide even threw in a Sex and the City reference: “The progressive breakdowns are intense exercises in noise rock, blending haunted house music with video game melodies over insane shredding and drum beats that change time signatures like Carrie Bradshaw changes shoes.”

fig-cover-webThe two songs on their new EP, titled fig., take the most ambient and the most chaotic elements of their first album and amlpify them, molding these various pieces into a mixture of beauty and bedlam that flow like orchestral movements.

And don’t let the “two songs” part fool you; both songs clock in over the 10-minute mark, making “fig.” almost half the length of their previous full-length, Hymns of Mare Nostrum. The EP was recorded and mixed by Joe Collins, a long-time friend of the band, and mastered by Gregory Dunn (of the band Moving Mountains).

Since their first show on Halloween 2010, Hail the Titans has logged thousands of road miles, performing in multiple states and garnering opportunities to share stages with bands such as Jucifer, Maserati, Agent Orange and the Trews. They were also invited to perform at an official stop of the 2011 Bullrun party that was filmed for MTV and at multiple annual festivals including Nophest, Hijacking Music, Secret Stages and Camp Wigout.


Hail the Titans uses Knucklehead guitar and bass strings.

Guitar tech: Zane Tremontana


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