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New EP info!

June 20, 2013


We’ve been talking about a new EP for awhile now, and we’ve even teased it on our Instagram here and here.

But the wait is almost over.

Before getting to the release date, we want to provide some information about the EP:

It’s titled fig. and contains two songs. The total run time is just over 23 minutes.

fig. will be available digitally, but we’re very excited to announce a special, limited-edition vinyl release. It’s a 12″ colored vinyl at 45 rpm, and it includes a digital download.

Side A is titled “Natalie Andréa” and has a run time of 10:49.

Side B is titled “Logan Simmons” and has a run time of 12:16.

It was recorded and mixed by our friend Joe Collins and mastered by Gregory Dunn (of Moving Mountains.) The artwork and layout were done by Hillary Andrews (Ah Ha Designs)

Now for release date information:

We’re not normally the type of band to announce a release show without having product in hand. However, we’ve got a tracking number in hand, so provided that nothing catastrophic happens to the delivery truck or the merchandise, we are planning to have them for sale beginning next Friday, June 28, at the upcoming show at AlleyBAR in Montgomery.

We hope to see you there.

If you can’t make the shows next weekend, the vinyl edition will be available for shipping through RAD! Vinyl, Montgomery’s new record store.

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