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Music video: I Am Become Death

December 12, 2011

Here is the official music video for “I Am Become Death,” from the album “Hymns of Mare Nostrum.” It can be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. Below the video are the credits for cast and crew. We hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching and special thanks to all the cast and crew for helping make this. Much love!


Wes Andrews
Trey Baldwin
Josh Carples
Adam Davila

Cast (in alphabetical order)

George Anderson
Hillary Andrews
Katie Andrews
Elise Beasley
Marc Berg
Alicia Bohannon
Austin Brown
Hannah Burlingame
Zachary Burnett
Joe Collins
Eddie Dunning
Mallory Edgeworth
Wil Evans
Stephanie Hanvey
Elizabeth Hataway
Jenna Jinright
Samantha Lee
Jonathan Matthews
Matthew Parker
Briana Perkins
Zac Shockley
Johnny Veres
Timothy Waters

Film Crew

Nolan Dewey
Raquel Walker


Joe Collins


Hillary Andrews
Pint Bottle Photography (gallery)


Jenna Jinright
Bad Mustache Beanies

Edited by

Josh Carples

Directed by

Josh Carples and Adam Davila


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